Check Ordering

Main Street is our third party vendor providing checks on behalf of South Georgia Bank. Please take note of the following important information:

  • If your name or address has changed since your previous check order, and you have not already done so, please notify South Georgia Bank.
  • If ordering directly from Main Street and your name or address has changed since your previous check order, please call (708) 613-2447 before placing your order.
  • Your account will be debited for purchases after you have placed your order. If you qualify for “Free” standard checks from South Georgia Bank, please do not order through this website. Your account will be charged by Main Street. Contact the bank to place your order.
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South Georgia Bank offers business Debit Cards for our commercial accounts as well as personal Debit cards.

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For a lost or stolen Debit Card,
please call 833-423-0291.

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